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LCD display boot no power failure

LCD display boot no power failure LCD monitors turn the power switch, power indicator light failure. LCD monitor to boot without a power failure is generally due to the power cord is bad or the power circuit components, Acer Aspire 6530G Inverter damaged.

When the computer LCD monitor is turned on when a power failure, maintenance can be carried out in accordance with the following method:

(1) First check the LCD monitor's power cord is plugged in tight, and check the power strip has power.

(2) If the power cord is fully seated, electric power strip, then open the casing of the LCD monitor, check the LCD display, whether obvious burned components and poor contact situation, if there is, first replace the burned components and exclude poor contact failure.

(3) If there is no obvious burned components and poor contact failure, then failure to test the power supply circuit (first detect whether the main components, and then one by one to detect the power supply circuit, other components of the Compaq Presario CQ61-410US Inverter), found that The power supply circuit, a capacitor, the replacement of normal LCD monitor, troubleshooting.
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